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ZERO PERCENTAGE- YES you heard is right! OodEat is only online food ordering platform which does not work on commission model. Your orders are your revenue we don't believe in taking a cut from it. We have nominal, clear & transparent Subscription Fee, payable on quarterly postpaid basis. Just subscribe & sell online.


INSTANT PAYMENTS - Need not wait for YOUR OWN MONEY for a week to 10 days to be settled by a third party after deducting their commissions. Just supply your order and receive 100% of your payment directly from the customer on Delivery. Your money is your money, we don't fiddle with it.


MENU IN YOUR HANDS – Create your own Menu. Just choose Menu items from our Predefined Fields, or add your own. Enter your Price and you are Ready to Go.


CONTROL YOUR PROMOTIONS & DISCOUNTS – Control promotions & discounts yourself from Biz app. Need not depend on any third party to do the job.


PRE-BOOKED ORDERS – If you plan your orders in advance, then cook food accordingly. We have a solution for you. We allow you to take Pre-Booked orders.


ONLINE REGISTRATION – It’s Easy & Quick. Just Fill the online Form. Send your requisite documents to us, we’ll try and help you Go online within a week’s time.


If you wish to grow the business and sell food on OodEat Biz App. Become a partner, by filling this restaurant registration form.