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About us OodEat

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OodEat is a bunch of Oodies for whom “Food Is Love”.

The question strikes in mind is- “Why OODIES?” – “Why NOT Foodies?” Coz @OodEat we believe in “Food Without Frills” .

OodEat is a wave, an online food delivery application created with an intent to revolutionize the way Online Food Ordering works…

We researched over a year on food ordering and found out the Pain Points of Foodies.

“Oodies” answer all the challenges faced by “Foodies”:

    Foodies: I wanna get food at lowest prices but I can’t.

    Oodies: We know It’s the “Frills”, the commissions which resturanters are paying. “Why shall I pay higher prices due to commissions?” We order @OodEat, it offers food at lowest prices coz it charges Zero Commission from Restaurant..

    Foodies: I begin with “I wanna eat …”, while ordering online, I end up browsing menus & doing comparisons.

    Oodies: We don’t waste time in “From Where to Order”. We just focus on “What I want to Order…”.

    Foodies: I can shop from multiple stores on shopping sites, but I can order from one restaurant in one order.

    Oodies: We can Order from Multiple Kitchens in a single order.

    Foodies: Restaurants Near Me don’t charges delivery fee if I order on call but if I order online, I need to pay delivery charges.

    Oodies: We pay NO delivery charges.

OodEat was born with a passion to get food at lowest prices, focusing on what you want to eat.

It gives you ease to order from multiple restaurants in single order with Zero Delivery charges.

Join the wave…Become an Oodie: Order @OodEat Now!